Salut, I'm Kevin Lucbert, welcome to my prints and limited editions store. Let's explore parallel universes, mystical mountains, strange suburbs and enchanted office buildings. I draw to travel between worlds. With a pen in my left hand, I walk up the blue line that winds between the world of dreams and reality. I gather the scattered pieces of a strange universe in which the viewer is invited.

I am a French artist born in 1985 in Paris. Awarded a diploma in 2008 of the National School of Decorative Arts of Paris, I live and works today between Berlin and Paris. Member of an artist collective, The Ensaders, I participate regularly in performances, exhibitions and drawing workshops. My original drawings are represented by the Huberty-Breyne gallery, based in Brussels and Paris.

Some clients I've worked with include : The New York Times, The New Yorker, Hermès, Télérama, Les Échos Magazine, Mondadori, Starbucks, BIC, Hennessy, Issey Miyake Perfumer